Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount BGN 1 800 000

Investor Varna Municipality

Stage Completed

October 3, 2014

The project is for the reconstruction of „Iunashki salon“, Varna – sports facility, located near the Cathedral and the property of the National Sports Base Plc (NSB).

The building with its unique wooden ornaments and columns was built in 1910 and is certified as a monument of culture and architecture from 1982. The salon consists of a sports hall for training purposes and commercial premises intended for rental. Currently the building is abandoned and uninhabitable and needs a complete renovation.

„Iunashki salon“ is the first sports facility in the city, thus the project goes far beyond the standard reconstruction of the building.

The project aims to restore the property in strict accordance with the law for the protection of cultural monuments, which requires the preservation of the façade and allows construction works only inside the building. The salon will be completely renovated, which would make it suitable for sporting and other events, while all adjacent commercial areas will be expanded and modernized. A small exhibition in honour of sporting achievements of the city will be located in the lobby.

The project will create some additional opportunities for local people to conduct professional and amateur sporting events and will provide an additional multifunctional space for sports, cultural and business events.

With the financial support of JESSICA, the renovated Iunashki Salon opened its doors on December 18, 2015.