Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount 1.3 million leva

Investor Vereia Football Club

Stage Completed

July 18, 2014

The project aims to develop a modern and efficient lighting of Vereia stadium, to improve accessibility of the facility and increase the efficiency of its operation for sporting events of local and national significance.

FC „Vereia“ manages the municipal stadium in j.k. „Kolio Ganchev“ in Stara Zagora. The project is a part of the commitment to invest in the facility.

The mayor of Stara Zagora, Zhivko Todorov, has signed a contract to implement the project „Modernization of Sports Complex for the sustainable development of sports activity in Stara Zagora“ with the non-profit association football club „Vereia“. The lighting of the facility will be ready after several months.

The project will be implemented by installing 4 masts of 25 meters, on which will be charged with 32 lights on 2000 W. Thus power of 62.4 KW with lighting class 1 will allow the terrain to meet the requirements for international and national football derbies on TV.

Stadium „Vereia“ in „Kolio Ganchev“ district has existed for 4 years. It measures 105/65 meters and is the fourth in quality of the grass in Bulgaria. Seats are 550. Over 1 million leva of funding are invested in terrain adjacent areas and artificial golf training. Today at the stadium are training and playing 6 teams, two of which are Elite professional league V17 and one is team of FC „Vereia“ (group B) when conducting regular scheduled meetings included in the program of the football season for the year. In May 2015, for the first time in Bulgaria, there will be held European Football Championship for juniors. Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Burgas will be the main centers. Stadium „Vereia“ will be used as one of the places of the tournament.