Attraction in the bomb shelter in the Sea Garden – “Underground City”

Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount 1 100 000 Euro

Investor Burgas Municipality

Stage Terminated project

October 2, 2014

Rehabilitation of an existing underground bomb shelter located under the sea garden and turning it into an interactive entertainment center. By renovating the deserted underground area of the shelter there will be created an entirely new sightseeing product.

The project consists of a number of underground passages and rooms linked together in long corridors. Now deserted fortification will become a unique entertainment center for children and adults, combining interactive entertainment, aquariums, premises, recreating an atmosphere typical of Burgas, and many others. Two underground halls will be dedicated to contemporary art, giving local artists a chance to present their works. Visitors will also be inspired to use their imagination and skills to create their own masterpieces.

“Underground city” in Burgas

The project is expected to contribute for increasing the attractiveness of Burgas as a year-round tourist destination.

The project was terminated due to unforeseen circumstances detected in the process of implementation – springing of underground water in some of the galleries, as well as activation of landslides in the area.