Detailed Information

Targeted Market and Sector Coverage

The Cities are diverse in terms of level and dynamics of economic and human capital. We have identified the following common priority areas of intervention and sectors with social necessities and economic potential, such as:

  • Building and management of modern educational, cultural, entertainment, leisure, health and sports facilities;
  • Public and private transport infrastructure (vehicles and networks), traffic management systems, parking facilities and other mobility enhancement services;
  • Utilities and urban infrastructure, whereas investments in waste, water and/or energy should be part of an integrated urban project;
  • Rehabilitation of dilapidated areas;
  • Investment and quality maintenance of public spaces;
  • Improved management and urban integration of natural resources (parks, forests, rivers and wildlife).
  • Support to and development of industrial zones, business and trade entertainment centers.
  • Energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy, as part of integrated urban projects.