Detailed Information

Targeted Market and Sector Coverage

Restoration or creation of socially useful infrastructure:

  • Educational institutions;
  • Sports infrastructure;
  • Places for culture and entertainment;
  • Curative, prophylactic and health facilities, nursing homes and hospices.

Engineering infrastructure and risk prevention:

  • Projects leading to the improvement of the physical environment, incl. renovation of public and private buildings with cultural and historical value;
  • Projects related to the provision of communal services and construction of infrastructure – part of an integrated city project;
  • Rehabilitation or construction of new industrial zones, incl. financing the realization of specific project intentions of investors.

Improvement of urban mobility and transport:

  • Construction of parking lots and other traffic management systems;
  • Services, public vehicles or infrastructure leading to the reduction of harmful emissions.

Sustainable energy as part of integrated urban projects:

  • Measures to improve energy management and energy efficiency;
  • Encouraging the use of renewable energy sources (RES).