The renovated Expo center Flora Bourgas has been launched

June 8, 2015

On 20 May 2015 was opened the newly built exhibition center Flora Burgas, located in the heart of Seaside Park.

With funds under the financial initiative JESSICA of „Regional Urban Development Fund“ JSC, Expo center was built in a modern architectural design, with advanced design solutions. The façade surfaces are covered with evergreen vegetation, which is maintained by a modern irrigation system thus part of the roof is turned into a green garden. Flora has its own photovoltaic power plant that produces electricity for the needs of the exposition center. The project is fully conformable with the surrounding park space and fits naturally into it. The architecture of the exposition center is complemented by dozens of species of evergreen plants and the surrounding area is rich with beautiful flower figures.

The overall concept of Flora Burgas is aimed to be created a multifunctional exposition center to be used for exhibitions, cultural and musical events, museum exhibitions, congresses and others.

The main goal of the renovation and modernization of Flora Burgas is providing opportunities for the development of congress and event tourism, which is a prerequisite for extending the season. The presence of such Expo center will help the Municipality to attract exciting international exhibitions.

Flora Burgas will operate year round and shall host overall events.