Enchanted underground city comes to life under the Sea garden.

April 1, 2014

Spellbound underground city is comming to life in the old bomb shelters under the Sea Garden. This is one of the newest and most unusual projects of the Municipality. Breathtaking attractions, galleries, scary, but interesting maze of emotions for all generations of citizens of Burgas – the underground city will be the first such in the country and will no doubt attract even more tourists.
The project is entitled “Spellbound underground city and gallery Dark.”

It is an completely underground interactive attraction whose central part is placed under and around the Casino and is gridded by underground tunnels.
The facility was built in the early 60′s of the 20th century to serve as bomb shelters. Burgas Municipality will get possession of this property by the state to seek EU funding for the project.
Now the shelter is dark, inhabited by spiders and underground insects. There are 12 premises, connected by 17 corridors and 4 outputs. Their total area is 3180 square meters.