Bulyard: Restoration of buildings in the port warehouse

Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount BGN 1 000 000

Stage Terminated project

October 3, 2014

„Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry“ JSC is the largest shipbuilding company in Bulgaria. The company designs, constructs, manufactures and repairs ships up to 100,000 tons deadweight. For over 100-year history of the factory there were built over 850 ships for 27 countries. (Pictured above – the administrative part to be recovered; a part of the project.)

The product portfolio of the company includes regular and chemical tankers, containers, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, coal ship carriers and multipurpose vessels. „Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry“ JSC is located in the southern industrial zone of Varna.

This project involves the restoration of the port warehouse, an office building and developing a small marina.

Restored warehouse

Restored warehouse