Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount BGN 8 000 000

Stage Terminated project

October 3, 2014

The Technical University in Varna is opened in 1962. Initially the University is established under the name Mechanical and Electrical Institute (MEI – Varna) with three faculties: Mechanical, Electrical and Shipbuilding. The first admission of students at the Technical University Varna has been done during the academic 1963/64.

Over the years, from small institute that prepares engineers with regional importance MEI – Varna became the Technical University with national importance.

Presently, the Technical University offers education to students in more than 25 specialties.

Currently some of the University’s buildings need rehabilitation since they have been built 50 years ago.

The project includes construction of a new heating installation, campus refurbishment, new swimming pool and sports facilities. Promoter of the project is the Ministry of Education. Approximate project value is BGN 8 000 000.

Realization of the project could be achieved by funding under JESSICA programme.