New building for the private school “Dreamers”

Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount BGN 1 000 000

Stage Terminated project

November 20, 2014

Dreamers – the children should be exactly “dreamers” – with open mind, knowledge, developed skills and big dreams.

Such is the purpose of the Private kindergarten and Private elementary school „Dreamers“ – to impart the necessary knowledge and skills for children to develop their logical thinking, their creativity and form their human values.

Dreamers’ project is in consequence with the development of the activity of the kindergarten and the primary school. The aim is to open new children’s groups and new classes for education.

The project includes both the relocation of the kindergarten and school in a new, larger building with all necessary facilities for the activity, as well as the purchase of furniture for the premises and equipment for special education classrooms.

Funding under the JESSICA programme was not approved.

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