Improving access and presentation of the Big Roman Baths

Financial instrument JESSICA - City projects

Project amount BGN 625 000

Investor Varna Municipality

Stage Terminated project

October 14, 2014

Roman thermae (bath) of Odessos are one of the most preserved architectural monuments from the Roman era (I-IV century) and the largest antique public building found so far in Bulgaria. They are one of the most valuable monuments in Varna and are subject to the Archaeological Museum. This is the largest Roman bath on the Balkan Peninsula and the fourth largest in Europe.

Varna Municipality has developed a project in order to popularize the Roman Baths and to increase the number of visitors. The project includes construction of a visitor center, bar, advertising center for souvenirs’ sales and bathrooms. All buildings will be with suitable architecture. Also it will be built an open-air stage for musical and theatrical performances and will be prepared audio visual spectacle for the Roman Baths.

The project implementation will not only develop the urban environment and will open new workplaces, but mostly will promote the Roman Baths as one of the largest and best preserved monuments of the Roman era.

The projected budget for the investment is BGN 625 000.